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Month: May 2019

Tips To Choose The Best Awnings For Your Caravan

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy the wilderness. If you are traveling in a caravan then you also need to carry high quality awnings with you so that you can enjoy the nature in any kind of weather. These awnings also serve as an extension to the caravan where you can sit and relax without worrying about the weather.

Here are a few points that you should consider while buying it.

Size – The size totally depends upon how big your caravan is and how much shed do you want. You can also consider a few more points while selecting your awnings like how much extra weight can your caravan carry, if you want to want to put some furniture or cycles under it. Also, don’t forget to measure the height of your caravan from the ground as well as its length on the top where you are going to support and fix your awning.

camping in the summer

Material – Choosing the right material is important because you will be using them in different weather conditions like hot summer, heavy rainfall, etc. So, choose from the different materials like acrylic, cotton and see through plastic and polyester. However, if you want some best quality in the market then you can check out the E sport 325 awning.

Frame – You can choose from four different frames viz. lightweight, porch, inflatable and full sized awning. Full size covers the maximum area outside of your caravan while porch frame is only for small extension which is so easy to install and you can use it to hang your wet clothes and bicycles, etc. Inflatable frame extends itself by using an air pump while the lightweight ones are most easy to install and carry.