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bed & breakfast with elegance

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New Year Party Food

Who doesn’t love to treat their loved ones on a special occasion? Most of all it is an excuse due to which people get to meet their relatives and close friends. In Streatham there are several exotic restaurants which provide excellent menu and friendly atmosphere. Thus, if you want to organize a small get together during this New Year’s Eve then you can choose the best Indian restaurant in Streatham and reserve tables for your loved ones online.

Mouth watering exotic menu at your service

Traditional fish curry – This is the traditional fish curry dish in which sea bass is marinated in spices and herbs and left for 4 to 6 hours. Professional chefs cook the fish on a medium flame which makes it too tender and juicy when you eat it. Traditional fish curry is garnished by curry leaves and saffron which gives it a sweet and appetizing aroma.

Mushroom rice – This dish is considered as supreme delight for vegans and it is also low in calories. Expert chefs use soft button mushrooms and basmati rice to cook this dish. Mushroom rice is cooked in traditional garam masala along with finely chopped onions and green chilies, which provide this dish a hot and spicy flavor. This dish is cooked in olive oil which makes it easy to digest and increases the overall flavor of it.

Wide selection of drinks

What would be a New Years’ party without liquor? Thus,you can even order different types of Champagnes and beers for your guests and share some quality time with them.For children you can also order several soft drinks which are best when taken along with the meal.