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bed & breakfast with elegance

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Bed And Breakfast Inns – Best Place For Your Stay

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If you are fond of travelling or planning any trip for your vacations then one of the most important factors that you must put into consideration is the place where you are going to stay. Most of the people prefer to stay in hotels. But if you are looking for something aesthetic and enjoyable then bed and breakfast inn is the best place to stay. The B&B is the living quarter, which offers breakfast and overnight accommodation.

Facilities and benefits of bed and breakfast inn

Wide varieties of facilities and services are offered by B&B inns like wireless fidelity, 24/7 fresh tea and coffee, open fire, book library, flat screen television and daily newspaper.

As compared to Hotels and motels, B&Bs are much smaller and have a less crowded atmosphere which ensures a peaceful surrounding. Apart from this, one of the main benefits of staying in B&B inn is that you don’t have to pay extra money for additional services like phone calls, parking, movies, etc.

Varieties of B&Bs

Cottages – These cottages are most popular and common in rural areas. They are similar to the traditional cottages and provide more privacy to the guests. Most of these cottages are self catering and you feel like you are residing in your home. However, if you wish, you can avail the facilities offered by the service providers.

Hotels – B&B hotels are very common and popular in urban areas. They offer many advanced services and facilities to their guests. They are much larger and have a huge staff to pamper you.

Benefits Of Choosing Holiday Cottages

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Booking a holiday in Northampton? Most of the tourists first book the accommodation for their comfortable stay. Have you ever considered staying in a holiday cottage for your comfortable stay? If not, then why not give it a try. These cottages are very similar to your homes and provide you with comfortable stay that you want. Mentioned below are some of the benefits of living in these holiday cottages.

Self catering kitchen: These holiday cottages provide you with self catering in Northampton so that you can enjoy your comfortable stay. The kitchen is also well equipped with all the latest equipment and things that you might need to prepare your own food. You can prepare your regional dish, favourite dish and much more with these holiday cottages.

Flexibility: Flexibility is another thing that you get with these holiday cottages. You can wake up any time you want, you can eat anytime you want, as well as can prepare your food anytime. If you like to get up late, then there is no one to disturb you in the morning. Most of the hotels provide you with morning wake up calls. But here, there are no wake up calls, no room service to disturb your sleep.

Peace and quietness: These holiday cottages are famous for the peace, and quietness that they offer to the people living in them. Most of these cottages are located at the outskirts of the city which means there will be very less noise as compared to hotels.

The Purity of Nature -The Lake House

The Purity of Nature -The Lake House

Located in between the banks of the lake Ijsselmeer and Uitdammer Die is The Lake House, a vintage farm house surrounded by water on both sides. The Lake house keeping up with its vintage touch has a living room attached with 2 large king size bedrooms? The kitchen has its own pantry where you will be provided your breakfast and eggs from the chicken bred in the lake house. WiFi internet connectivity and a huge book collection for relaxed avid readers are among the other amenities the Lake House offers.

Guests can use the jetty and rowing boats to access the waterside garden. Cycles are also available on rent, for tourists to visit the medieval towns of Monnickendam, Marken, Edam and Volendam. The Lake house is a 3 hour drive from Amsterdam central.

How to Score the Best Hotel Deals

Sonia Gil shows you the best way to book a hotel for your travels.

In Amsterdam the Houseboat Experience is a Must

In Amsterdam the Houseboat Experience is a Must

Is Amsterdam on your list of places to visit and you are looking for a place to stay? We suggest you, the houseboat. The houseboat Ms Luctor is docked in the quiet, serene and ever beautiful canal district of Amsterdam. Ms Luctor is a bed and breakfast “klipperaak” where new age travellers, couples and solo travellers can stay.

The houseboat was an original “klipperaak’’ with history dating back to 1913. The houseboat is now one congenial, plush apartment. There are three rooms with a private entrance for guests to the whole cabin. Guests can enjoy their breakfast in the open scenic deckhouse.  On the lower deck is the double bedroom which has been transformed from the captain hut. A splendid breakfast is served on the large jetty. Guests are given access to bicycles and canoes to explore the city.